Clinical Applications and Programs

Health and Beauty is conducting clinical trials concentrating on musculoskeletal and sports injuries, skin conditions, smoke cessation, provoked vestibulydinia and inch loss. These trials are geared toward achieving FDA approval for these conditions for our lasers and are being conducted at various centers both in the U.S. under IRB supervision and internationally under applicable regulations. We believe that the results of these trials will expand the use of low level laser worldwide. If you are a medical professional including M.D., D.O., D.C. NP, Licensed Physical Therapist and other related professionals and would like to be a part of this exciting field, contact us for more information. If you are convinced Low Level Laser Therapy is for you, call to receive a copy of our Clinical Trials Agreement, terms and conditions.

Clinical Applications

There is a large body of research to be found on the clinical effects of low level laser. Omega Laser Systems, our U.K. Partner, and all of our manufacturing partners maintain extensive libraries as it relates to all areas of clinical research and its relevance to the practicing clinician. Many of their colleagues who are currently involved in the ever-increasing areas of low level applications regularly contribute to this growing database of information.

In this respect a large volume of controlled research has been carried out in United Kingdom centers of excellence such as: Middlesex University, Guy's Hospital Tissue Repair Unit, Oxford University, Ulster University, Cambridge Military Hospital, Northampton School of Podiatry and many more institutions.

Research Studies

Health and Beauty maintains an extensive library of research papers that are available to our centers. The papers cover all areas of low level laser therapy including animal and human studies.



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